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A New Earth?A New Earth?Meet Kepler-186f, the closest relative to Earth that researchers have ever found. Kepler-186f, which is about ten percent larger than Earth, is 500 light years away. The planet located within the Goldilocks zone, an area between the hot Mercury-like planets and cold Neptune-like planets. The planet orbits around its star...Read More >>
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Citizens Protest Diablo Canyon on Anniversary of the Fukushima DisasterCitizens Protest Diablo Canyon on Anniversary of the Fukushima DisasterHeather YoungMothers for Peace gathered at the gates to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on the third anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan,...

Newly Discovered Fukushima Water Leak is Worst Spill in 6 MonthsNewly Discovered Fukushima Water Leak is Worst Spill in 6...Aaron OchsThe Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan continues to be a source of problems for the region. The Tokyo Electric Power Company reported, on Feb. 19,...

Radioactive Water Found Leaking Inside Fukushima ReactorRadioactive Water Found Leaking Inside Fukushima ReactorAaron OchsAsia’s largest utility company Tokyo Electric Power Company continues to say in their press releases that they’ve been able to contain most of the radioactive...

It Only Takes 20 Minutes to KillIt Only Takes 20 Minutes to KillAaron OchsWithout a protective suit, anyone near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant could die in 20 minutes from radiation exposure.   According to Fukushima’s operator, Tokyo...

Wake Up, AmericaWake Up, AmericaStaffClimate change is not theory or a left-wing marketing scheme. It's real, and now that world leaders have fallen short on their 2009 profile to...

Earth Day: A Time to Celebrate Our WorldEarth Day: A Time to Celebrate Our WorldStaffEarth Day was founded by grassroots groups and policy makers in response to the environmental problems of the 1960s. Proclaimed as a day to “nurture...

Host an Earth-friendly partyHost an Earth-friendly partyMeagan FribergSo, you’ve decided to host your child’s 5th birthday party, your brother-in-law’s 30th, or maybe you’re newly-engaged and in the beginning stages of planning your...


Sign of the Month: AriesVivienne MoranARIES March 21-April 19 “I AM” A cardinal fire sign Ruling planet: Mars Symbol: The Ram Colors: Reds Gemstone: Diamond Identified with: The head Keywords: Courageous,...

April 2014 AstrologyVivienne MoranARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARIES! Hold on to your hat, Aries! Your personal New Year could be action packed. You may have to...

Pisces 2014Vivienne MoranPISCES February 19-March 20 “I BELIEVE”A mutable water signRuling planet: NeptuneSymbol: Two fish swimming in opposite directionsColor: Soft sea green...


Exercise: Enjoyable or ExcruciatingExercise: Enjoyable or ExcruciatingKac YoungTwenty years ago I hated exercise. I thought it was boring, inconvenient, time consuming and exhausting. Then a friend took me to her yoga class...

CVS to Ban Tobacco Products in StoresCVS to Ban Tobacco Products in StoresAaron OchsCVS Caremark announced on Feb. 5 that they will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco related products in their stores by October. The decision immediately...

Genetic Predisposition Does Not Dictate DestinyGenetic Predisposition Does Not Dictate DestinyDavid M. Marquis, DC, DACBNYears ago as a scout leader, I had a young man sitting in front of me eating some of the worst snack foods I had...

How to Deal with Dry Skin Due to Dry WeatherHow to Deal with Dry Skin Due to Dry WeatherStaff* Use moisturizer immediately after showering or bathing. Apply moisturizer while skin is still slightly damp to help lock in the moisture. Keep a bottle...

Is Sitting Hurting Your Health?Is Sitting Hurting Your Health?Dr. MercolaMounting research suggests that even if you exercise regularly, you might still succumb to the ill effects of too much sitting.   For example, a study...


Gails Kitchen: Valentine CupcakesGail's Kitchen: Valentine CupcakesGail CohenHere is Gail Cohen's recipe from our February 2014 issue! ...

Spicy Cauliflower & Potatoes w/TofuSpicy Cauliflower & Potatoes w/TofuGail CohenHere is the March recipe for Spicy Cauliflower & Potatoes w/ Tofu.   Ingredients cooking spray4 tbs. olive oil1 tsp. of cumin¼ tsp. cayenne...


Top State VA Official to Visit CuestaCuesta CollegeThe Secretary for the California Department of Veterans Affairs will visit the San Luis Obispo campus of Cuesta College for a lunchtime talk Wednesday, April...Top State VA Official to Visit Cuesta

Tommy Gong Kicks Off His Campaign for County Clerk-RecorderHeather Young Tommy Gong kicked off his bid for San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Tuesday, April 14 in front of the SLO County Superior Court building on...Tommy Gong Kicks Off His Campaign for County Clerk-Recorder

Piper Kerman, Author of “Orange is the New Black,” Speaks...Heather Young Piper Kerman was sentenced to 15 months at the women’s correctional facility in Danbury, Conn., after she pleaded guilty to a crime she committed 10...Piper Kerman, Author of “Orange is the New Black,” Speaks at Cuesta College about the Inadequacies of the Prison System

New Frontiers in SLO to Become Whole FoodsAaron OchsNew Frontiers Natural Marketplace in San Luis Obispo will become Whole Foods. Even though the announcement seemed sudden, New Frontiers and Whole Foods have been...New Frontiers in SLO to Become Whole Foods

Morro Bay 50th Celebration Seeks Artist for Public Art ProjectStaffChicago has its giant fiberglass cows. Seattle has its colorfully painted pigs and ponies. And every year, giant fiberglass hearts pop up around San Francisco...Morro Bay 50th Celebration Seeks Artist for Public Art Project


Whistleblower Protection ExpandsStaffOn March 4, 2014, the United States Supreme Court expanded the reach of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 20...Whistleblower Protection Expands

Take a Look Inside FirstLook.orgStaffWhen First Look Media was announced in October, it went by another name: NewCo. Nobody knew what New...Take a Look Inside

Sustainability Advocate Ousted from Organic Company, Alleges LawsuitAaron OchsSustainability is in. Over the past decade, businesses like Palo Alto -based Bon Appétit Management...Sustainability Advocate Ousted from Organic Company, Alleges Lawsuit

Clemency for Snowden?Mercury NewsMercury News (LONDON) -- The New York Times and Guardian newspapers have called for clemency fo...Clemency for Snowden?


So Long, MickeyAaron OchsTo his family, he was Joseph Yule Jr. from Brooklyn, New York. To Hollywood and the world, he was Mickey Rooney. Rooney, who spent most...So Long, Mickey

Supreme Court Eliminates Key Political Contribution LimitAaron OchsOn April 2, the United States Supreme Court ruled to eliminate a campaign contribution limit. Removal of this limit will allow wealthy donors to give...Supreme Court Eliminates Key Political Contribution Limit

NFL Prospect Could Be First Openly Gay Athlete for LeagueStaffUniversity of Missouri’s first-team All-American defensive end Michael Sam is gay, and he could become the first openly gay athlete to play in the National...NFL Prospect Could Be First Openly Gay Athlete for League

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46Aaron OchsAcademy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead on February 2 of an apparent heroin overdose inside his New York apartment on Sunday. The...Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

Meet the New Fed Reserve ChiefAaron OchsOn February 3, economist Janet Yellen was sworn in as the first women to lead the Federal Reserve board of governors. She is now the...Meet the New Fed Reserve Chief


Debunking the MythsAaron OchsIn a FOX NEWS interviewed that aired before the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, host Bill O'Reilly sparred with President Barack Obama on scandals that...Debunking the Myths

GOP House Speaker Boehner Threatens 'Brick Wall'CNNCNN - House Speaker John Boehner warned President Barack Obama that he will "run into a brick wall" by using his executive power and bypassing Congress,...GOP House Speaker Boehner Threatens Brick Wall

Overcoming Partisan GridlockReutersREUTERS - President Barack Obama will lay out a strategy for getting around a divided Congress and boosting middle-class prosperity on Tuesday in a State of...Overcoming Partisan Gridlock