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Sign of Cancer

June 21 - July 22

Symbol:  crab
Ruling Planet: the Moon
Element: Water
Color: Silver & soft shades
Rules:  the breast, stomach & solar plexus
Keywords:  nurturing, domestic, emotional, sensitive

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giving it a flowing, emotional nature and an abundantly fertile imagination. They are the nesters of the world, natural parents with a deep love of counseling, feeding, comforting, and protecting. Home is their retreat, citadel, and safe haven. They love to entertain and are warm, hospitable host/hostess.
In love Cancer is devoted, loyal, and empathetic. However, they can also be manipulative, possessive, with an inability to release the past. Intellectually, Cancer may tend to fluctuate before making choices. Like the crab, Cancers are evasive, always side stepping, preferring not to confront anything too directly. First they retreat, turn left, then right, and finally ahead. Their mentality is deeply analytical and works well with detail. Much like their symbol the crab, those born under the sun sign of Cancer can appear hard and insensitive on the outside. They tend to hide within their shell and will often resist your prying into their secretive lives.
Because the Moon is the governing planet of this sign, they can be moody, despondent, and depressed, especially during the Moon's full term, their moody emotionalism can, at times get out of hand. Cancers are sensitive, cautious, kind, sympathetic, protective, shrewd and resourceful. They have a gut-level "knowing" psychic ability that they should trust.