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August  2014
Vol. 24  No. 1

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April 2013 Astrology

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARIES! A continuing trend which offers opportunities to explore new avenues can make your year ahead interesting and exhilarating. You are moving through a very special time in your life. Walking down an unfamiliar path occasionally could expand your horizons and awaken the adventurous side of your nature. Breaking free of constraining circumstances in order to spread your wings and fly tends to be easier than anticipated. Any kind of innovative and exciting activity, as well as new techniques in your work and personal development, may become appealing. Taking an active role in community affairs can be gratifying and much appreciated by others involved. The domestic scene and financial interests call for attention periodically during your Personal New Year. During much of April you are apt to be the center of attention. Put your best foot forward and “let your light shine”. You can promote your interests and accomplish much. Jointly held assets take center stage with the onset of the April 25 eclipsed full moon. Think conservatively.


March 2013 Astrology

Communications continue to be off center during a portion of March. Mercury, the planet most identified with all forms of communication and transportation will begin to direct its energy in a more reliable fashion on March 18. Until then, use the positive traits of this celestial body to go over any projects that have come to a screeching halt and consider the possibility of changing direction. Review, repair, reconsider or reconnect are key ingredients that can help make this period a productive one.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PISCES! A theme instigating significant change in several departments of your life continues to work its way into your everyday affairs. Carrying through on ideas of how best to build a strong foundation for the future may take on importance. You are apt to view situations with a more practical outlook during your Personal New Year. Setting realistic goals that are attainable without throwing your life completely off balance may become easier than you anticipate. A planetary feature that offers a healthy dose of determination plays a supportive role. Finances and other material considerations are heavily accented. Romance, the needs of children, home based activities and artistic inclinations also share the spotlight. A grouping of planets in your sign at the time of the March 11 new moon places a strong accent on “you”. It is an opportune time to show the world what you can do! Any reasonable objective has strong possibilities of meeting with success. More control over money matters is probable; good financial news is on the way.


February 2013 Astrology

Mercury, the planet identified with all forms of communication and transportation will be going retrograde this month on February 23 and will go direct on March 18. Since it is seemingly to be moving backward while in this position, its energy is not expressed in a straight forward manner. There can be countless delays, cancellations and equipment malfunctions since it has much to do with movable parts and misinterpretation of facts. Small details become of importance. Awareness of this planetary situation can lessen the effects that one might experience. It can be a productive time for reevaluating business in progress, resetting goals, making repairs and returning to projects left on the back burner.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AQUARIUS! Your appetite for new experiences may increase as your Personal New Year progresses. Look for far-reaching changes in the way you think and with the opinions that you hold. Stay alert and take advantage of social situations that offer opportunities to innovate and create. It is a good time to mix, mingle and share your talents.


January 2013 Astrology

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAPRICORN! Tending to personal or professional plans that did not materialize during the last year could be met with determination and dedication as your Personal New Year gets underway. A large measure of enthusiasm and fortitude complements your notable hard working traits. This extra dose of eagerness could help you to hurdle over obstacles that might otherwise slow down your progress. Making plans for the future may become a “labor of love”. Following through on those arrangements appears to be of great importance to you. Letting go of that which is no longer useful could be the key that opens the door to fresh opportunities. January is your time to shine and confidently promote your interests. Your personal and professional ambitions are favorably spotlighted. Friends support your efforts. The co-mingling of funds may call for attention as January moves along. Use caution if signing a contract or making any other type of monetary commitment.