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November 2012 Astrology

SPECIAL NOTE  ~  Mercury, the planet most identified with all forms of communication and transportation will be going retrograde this month beginning on November 7 and continuing until November 27. While in this position of seemingly to be moving backward, some of its energy is held back. There can be countless delays, cancellations, equipment malfunctions and misinterpretation of facts. Small details become very important. Awareness of this planetary situation can lessen the effects that one might experience. This can be a productive period for reevaluating undertakings in progress, resetting objectives, making repairs where needed and returning to projects left on the back burner.


October 2012 Astrology

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIBRA! Your Astrological New Year can be as exciting as you want it to be. A healthy dose of optimism is headed your way; this helps to support the urge to say “yes” to the right opportunities. This is a period of transformation and discovery. Your living situation should change for the better, and your social interaction with those around you may be more focused on the family scenario. Thoughts of modifying your home could involve a major renovation or a residential move. Shakeups, breakups or wakeups can bring bright, fresh starts in relationships.  Fascinating people are due to enter into your life. Travel and steps taken to nurture your higher mind can be enjoyable and rewarding. Your career and financial outlook appears encouraging. The hustle and bustle of everyday affairs during the opening weeks of October may call for greater attention to scheduling. Doors of opportunity may open that allow you to participate in new activities and fresh encounters as October moves forward. The financial theme is accented as this month comes to a close.


September 2012 Astrology

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIRGO! Decisions to make some life altering changes can open the door to a host of possibilities as your Astrological New Year gets underway. You may be ready to launch new personal and professional goals. You should begin to feel more self-assured; this is a time when you are in touch with what you can do. Walk with confidence! Set specific objectives, follow a plan, and work hard to achieve what you set out to do. Any reasonable effort should result in considerable progress. Unexpected events may develop related to issues centered on jointly held assets. Take all financial obligations seriously. Have a backup plan in place if unforeseen expenses develop or if your income begins to fluctuate; this approach could lessen the affects. Career responsibilities may take center stage during the opening days of September however a significant other may need an extra dose of TLC. Follow your heart! Energies shift mid month. The spotlight is on you and your desires. You can achieve what you set out to do this month through careful planning rather than impulsive moves.


August 2012 Astrology

The term “Once in a blue moon” takes on significance during August. When two full moons occur in one month the second one is referred to as a “Blue Moon”. This rare happening often suggests something out-of-the- ordinary is likely to take place. The second full moon coming in on August 31 offers an abundance of creative, inspirational and spiritual qualities that can assist when and where needed. These attributes help to view situations from a refreshing and unique perspective.


July 2012 Astrology

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANCER! Your personal new year shows promise of better things to come. It is a time when you can more easily get to where you want to be. Fresh opportunities elevating your professional position or standing in the community become more reliable. Flexibility and adaptability appear to be the ingredients needed to take full advantage of the potential that is accessible. Taking a leap of faith and starting off in new directions may be challenging but very rewarding.