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April 2014
Vol. 23 No. 9


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August 2012 Astrology

The term “Once in a blue moon” takes on significance during August. When two full moons occur in one month the second one is referred to as a “Blue Moon”. This rare happening often suggests something out-of-the- ordinary is likely to take place. The second full moon coming in on August 31 offers an abundance of creative, inspirational and spiritual qualities that can assist when and where needed. These attributes help to view situations from a refreshing and unique perspective.


July 2012 Astrology

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANCER! Your personal new year shows promise of better things to come. It is a time when you can more easily get to where you want to be. Fresh opportunities elevating your professional position or standing in the community become more reliable. Flexibility and adaptability appear to be the ingredients needed to take full advantage of the potential that is accessible. Taking a leap of faith and starting off in new directions may be challenging but very rewarding.


June 2012 Astrology

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEMINI! Stepping forward and taking center stage may feel more comfortable than usual during your personal new year. This can be an extremely progressive period for you. A hefty boost of self confidence accompanied by refreshing bouts of enthusiasm support your efforts. A “New You” may emerge as you experience stimulating happenings in your life. Unexpected opportunities may arise in


May 2012 Astrology

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAURUS! Maintaining an optimistic outlook and applying concentrated effort can bring about rich rewards. You can accomplish great things during your Personal New Year if you take action when opportunity knocks on your door. Dare to take a leap of faith. You are in a fascinating learning cycle; absorb as much information as you can from any unique experiences that occur. What you value in life may take on more importance than usual. How you manage the material world now can become significant in promoting future security. 


April 2012 Astrology

ARIES (Mar 20-Apr 19)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARIES! Your personal new year shows promise of adventure and dramatic change. Relationships, jointly held assets, community interaction and career objectives are highlighted. A wiser, bolder you may willingly greet the unique experiences that enter your life. Allow your originality and creativity full expression and your world could open up in wonderful, exciting ways. More often than usual you may think “outside of the box”. Although far-reaching periodically, you could eventually create a workable balance between the realistic and the visionary. Friends may be shocked at your artistic ingenuity.